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Yves, National alpine ski instructor 2nd degree, diploma obtained with the National Ski and Alpine school of Chamonix.

Instructor at 19 , then director of the International ski school during 17 years, he then went on to developing activities on the board of directors  of the International ski schools' syndicate.

An ardent lover of mountains, his skis have slid over  many alpine ranges even all the way to the Himalayas.

Still envolved with the syndicats activities he participates in different national technical  commissions of the profession and every year runs training courses for ski instructors.

Freelance ski instructor, he offers the full range of skiing activities, from individual beginer lessons to freeride off piste or why not join him for an outing of Ski Touring.


Nomad instructor, he will gide you off and on piste in all the ski resorts of the Maurienne valley or why not the 'Three Valleys' area...

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