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You ski off piste! in that case you are obviousy carrying the basic safety material consisting of the trilogy DAV (detector of avalanche victims), probe and shovel..... Are you realy sure you know exactly how to use this equipment ???


We  offer a “Security training course” to make sure that you get the very best understanding and use out of your material. 


Statistics proove that the very best survival chances of people buried under an avalanche are during the first 15 minutes. Proper use of  a DAV, probe and shovel will help you to respect that time bracket.

When an accident occurs, panic destabilizes the behavior of the un-buried, even that of the most experienced practitioners. A methodolgy must be applied to disengage victims as quickly as possible as well as organising rescue services  in optimal safety.


The three hour on-site training course, in groups of 8 maximum, will bring both theoretical  and practical knowledge you will need to know before venturing off the marked ski trails. Theoretical lessons and 'stage accidents' will enable you to evaluate your knowledge and personal level of understanding.


However, you do need to practice your skills regularly, as  proffessionals do, to aquire the automatic

actions to be done at the right time in case of an accident .

Price: 35 € per person for minimum 4 to 8 persons maxi

safety training
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