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valfréjus private lessons
valfréjus private lesson

Individual lessons are definatly the best way to progress quickly and for you to pass on to a higher level.

 Ski lessons are available at any time of the day from 9 a.m. onwards for anyone over 6 yrsᅠold, whatever technical level you may have.

 Sessions are for 1h, 1hᅠ30 or 2h but it is also possible to book 6hours of lessons that may be spread over several days.

 For groups of friends or large families, half days of 3h can be provided.

 All bookings must be made in advance, the earlier you book, the more choice of times on the planning schedual will be available.

 For all enquiries, questions or precisions, please contact us by phone or e-mailᅠ.


PRICES:   1/2 pers.  3/4 pers.    5/6 pers.    

1 hour         45 €         53 €           63 €

1,5 hour      65 €         79 €           95 €

2 hours       89 €        1045€         125 €

6 hours      250 €       295 €         350 €

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