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Ski differently

Freelance Ski Instructor

Cours de Ski Particuliers

Le cours de ski particulier est sans aucun doute le moyen le plus rapide pour progresser et vous amener au niveau supérieur

Hors-Piste et Freeride

Valfréjus est une des stations de référence en matière de ski Hors-piste et Freeride.

Sa situation particulière à la limite entre les Alpes du Nord et du Sud, sa topographie composée de fortes pentes orientées sur différents versants en font un "spot" incontournable pour les amateurs de ski sauvage.


Ski de Rando

Le ski de randonnée vous offre des paysages sauvages et insolites ainsi qu'une ambiance montagne exceptionnelle. Loin des domaines skiables, faire sa trace à la montée comme à la descente vous procurera des sensations inoubliables.


Private ski lessons

Individual lessons are definatly the best way to progress quickly and for you to pass on to a higher level.

Off Piste & Freeride

Valfrejus is one of the top references for Off piste skiing and Freeriding.

The privilaged location of the resort, being at the limit of the North and South Alpes, its topographic situation, offering steep slopes, often north facing, makes the 'spot' a place to go to ski  unspoiled ski areas.


Ski Touring

Ski touring is the best way to be sure of seeing unspoiled, wild and rare scenery in an authentic mountaineering athmosphere.

Far from the ski lift complex, making your own trail, both upwards and down, caries the promise of unforgettable sensations.




For more adventure, if you want to discover the Maurienne, it's possibe to visit other ski resorts either ON or OFF-piste along the valley.


Only 40min transport is needed to take you to the Italien  DZ (drop zone helicopter base) of Sestrieres. This place is nicknamed  'Little Canada'. It offers more than 30 different trips in the area of  'Val Suza'.

Safety Tuition

You ski off piste! in that case you are obviousy carrying the basic safety material consisting of the trilogy DAV (detector of avalanche victims), probe and shovel..... Are you realy sure you know exactly how to use this equipment ???


Yves, National alpine ski instructor 2nd degree, diploma obtained with the National Ski and Alpine school of Chamonix.

Instructor at 19 , then director of the International ski school during 17 years, he then went on to developing activities on the board of directors  of the International ski schools' syndicate.

An ardent lover of mountains, his skis have slid over  many alpine ranges even all the way to the Himalayas.

Still envolved with the syndicats activities he participates in different national technical  commissions of the profession and every year runs training courses for ski instructors.

Freelance ski instructor, he offers the full range of skiing activities, from individual beginer lessons to freeride off piste or why not join him for an outing of Ski Touring.


Nomad instructor, he will gide you off and on piste in all the ski resorts of the Maurienne valley or why not the 'Three Valleys' area...

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