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ski touring by night
ski touring in maurienne valley

Ski touring is the best way to be sure of seeing unspoiled, wild and rare scenery in an authentic mountaineering athmosphere.

Far from the ski lift complex, making your own trail, both upwards and down, caries the promise of unforgettable sensations.


Whilst a good physical condition is required to appreciate the outing, you don't have to be a 'super athelete'. However,  good ski level is obliged to be able to enjoy the ski downhill. It is possible to rent the necessary equipment (touring skis and skins) at the sports shops in Valfrejus.

You will also need to ski with a back-pack, carrying a clothes' change, a snack, drinks, the security equipment and last but not least, your camera !


Valfrejus and it's surrounding areas offer a wide range of different levels of outings; from the half day initiation trip lasting 3h, for those who want to discover the discipline, to outings for several days for the more seasoned hiker.

Night Ski Touring: every tuesday and thursday start 18.30 p.m from ​Valfrejus. Short climb, avalaible for adults and teenagers, level 2 minimum. Equipment on hire in the resort, head lamp provided, 4 pers mini.

Prices for group from 1 to 5 persons maxi

Half day: 190 €

Full day:  350 €

Night Ski Touring: 35 € per person.

ski touring in maurienne valley
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